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My nifty little bio…

Hi, I’m Steve Jorgensen,

I am the founder of the “Start Dominating” brand. I started the startdominating.com website in 2016.

Born and raised on Long Island, New York, I moved to Florida a few decades ago. Nowadays, I am constantly searching for the “best pizza near me” … 🙂

I’m an SEO expert with experience in ranking local businesses to the top 3 Google search results… my mentors and I have collectively ranked over 10k websites.

The Start Dominating Brand is transitioning from local website rankings to helping others build high-ranking national sites in the fields of online businesses in any niche as well as affiliate product marketing.

The thing that blows my mind right now is this…I just learned how to rank anything I want to the first page of google, NATIONALLY! I’m confident that I can create an impactful directory “type” website that may change the way conventional affiliate marketing products are found, forever.

Be patient as I build this website. I have a lot to do!

Over a few decades of experience, I’ve spent most of my professional life in the fields of Finance, Technology, and Marketing. During that time, my clients say I’m great, and I think so too! I love doing this work.

I’m a crypto freak too. Been messing around with Bitcoin since it was 25 dollars. I’m one of the original developers of the Telos blockchain, symbol $TLOS. No matter what other blockchains “claim”, it’s the fastest and most decentralized blockchain on the planet. Keep an eye on it.

Back in the days before crypto, I was a pit trader on the floor of the New York Futures Exchange. You can’t get more testosterone into one room than in a commodity trading pit. Everyone was a “Type-A” personality, and the big egos were everywhere. The rumbles were great! Once in a while, had to save someone when they came flying backward in my direction. Rarely did they get thrown all the way out of the ring, haha!

Although I have some great stories I could jam in here, like the day I and a handful of other traders called the White House and told President Reagan that the NYFE index futures went “no bid” and to shut the markets NOW or it’s going to ZERO! He was on national TV within 5 minutes! Ahh, yep… another day for that story!

More recently, I got away from the Local Business Ranking Scene a few years ago. A lot of money was there, just wasn’t into it. But I’ve learned all the “White Hat” ranking techniques that work and aren’t subject to penalties of Google Algorithm Changes.

So today, I’m firing up the Start Dominating website again. I want to help beginner marketers find a niche in a systematic way. Until we get up and running, we will try to help you stay focused on what matters, find a niche, build a website, learn SEO to rank in the search engines, make money and help others.

I’m the author of “The 5 Success Secrets of Top Achievers”. Going to give it away soon to new subscribers, as soon as I get the mail system up and running. Thanks for your confidence.

Shortly, I’ll be collaborating with other bloggers to build links. I hope you all have mercy on me as I work on getting initial links with our low DR. I’ve got the plan. Let’s crank this up!

Let’s do this!


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