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How To Rank in Google Search?

In early 2017, the StartDominating.com website was launched by Steve Jorgensen – President & SEO Specialist, to promote his SEO Agency – Start Dominating, LLC. The primary focus of this site was to show local business owners how to rank their site to the top 3 listings in the search engines. We proved to these business owners that they can compete with the largest businesses in their area and literally take the place of these competitors that show up in the top 3 Google rankings. Many increased their sales and profits by literally 1x, 10x, and most often many, many times more! This was done by structuring their site and content to be recognized by Google as an “Authority” website. Once the website was restructured and launched, other tactics and methods were applied, and the SEO process would begin the process toward Goal #1, ranking the client to the top 10 in the Google searches for the best and highest keywords. Once in the top 10 we would slide them right up the page. A funny thing, sometimes, when not qualifying the client correctly (it happens), the business success overwhelmed them with more calls and appointments than they were able to handle and asked us to “un-rank” them to a sustainable level that won’t drive them out of their minds… so we did take their site down a few notches! The power of search engines is astonishing!

Start Dominating is transitioning…

Today, June 4,’2022 there is a transformational new focus for the Start Dominating brand. We will begin with the redesign of this sight for the purpose of helping bloggers and marketers build national and international brands, as well as just simply getting any page to rank on page 1 of Google! We will help you redirect the way you currently manage your online presence and help you to make life changing income by learning how to structure your site and sales methods systematically, and then scale up to higher profitability. Affiliate products will be offered to help you rank high, as well as decrease your “cost to sales ratio”, and help you make more money by maximizing website views, clicks, and sales. We earn a standard fee from our referral links with no increase in the product price to you. Start Dominating will begin providing the best performing, easiest to use, and most proficient tools to out-rank your competition. Our methods will help you to create high ranking blogs, top ranked affiliate product pages, show you email capture techniques to help you build your list, also show you when and what products to offer them. We will show you how to create landing pages that convert to higher sales, and we have much more to offer you! You will be offered software or “done for you” options to help you structure your site and get noticed by top search engines. Search engines rank sites that they like, ones that offer the “best user experience” has the best shot at rank highest. There are other factors to ranking, like increasing the “Authority” of your site… but don’t worry, we have you covered, and the cost will be a lot less than you are imagining. You will find products to help you analyze your competitor’s sites to see “why” they are ranking higher, then show you how to step over their rankings, keyword by keyword! We will offer you instructions and everything you need to increase your sales, profits, and skills… and when you don’t want to do-it-yourself, you can jump ahead quicker by letting someone “do it for you”… we’ll show you how.

Professional Summary

Steve began his search engine optimization education in April 2015, at the time of this writing has 8 years of SEO experience. Prior to SEO, he a few decades of financial and business experience, including stock broker, commodities pit trader, mortgage broker/business owner, commercial business broker, amongst other ventures. He has owned and successfully operated a mortgage broker business and an SEO Agency. He has mastered the “edge”, all “white-hat” techniques that get websites, product offers, and other content to rank high and convert sales for pennies on the dollar earned. Steve and his mentors have literally ranked thousands of websites “on demand”. He trained with a unique private group, comprised of dozens of top SEO experts. He discovered how to properly structure website content in a way that resulted in top 10 Google, Yahoo, and Bing rankings for the highest, most searched for competitive keywords. These methods could be duplicated on any website. Steve’s SEO and marketing experience will help Bloggers and Online Marketers discover the real secrets that nobody wants to talk about.

Patience will make you a Marketing Master

Please sit tight, we will post more information on the website soon!